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In order to perform its role the committees discuss relevant issues, review, question and, when necessary, challenge the school in order to make the necessary decisions or recommendations to the full governing body. In particular the committees are responsible for the review and monitoring of progress against the School Improvement Plan (SIP).  

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee has the responsibility for all matters relating to the curriculum and its delivery within the school, including Inclusion. The committee’s workload includes the review and approval of all curriculum-based policies and to support this members of the committee liaise closely with curriculum subject leaders.

Resources (Premises /Finance & Personnel) Committee

This committee is responsible for all strategic finance and personnel related issues. In particular it has delegated responsibility for approving the school’s annual budget. The committee then monitors the budget on a termly basis with the assistance of the school’s financial advisor. This committee also has responsibility for all Human Resource issues facing the school including performance management, welfare, training & development.  It is also responsible for all the other aspects of the school including buildings and the environment, pupil welfare, community links and administration. In particular it ensures that the premises are safe, secure and support learning. The committee is responsible for capital works and has an oversight responsibility for any contracts to hire the premises.