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Nocturnal animals

This week Hedgehogs have continued our learning theme of light and dark, learning about nocturnal animals. We have practised our collaging skills using different materials to decorate owl pictures. They look very effective!

Continuous lines! 

Badger class have been learning about different drawing techniques this week. We created observational drawings by drawing continuous lines without lifting the pencil off the paper!  

It’s coming home!

Last week we were learning all about the World Cup 2022 that is taking part in Qatar. We learnt about the rules of football, played penalty shoot out in the garden and painted England flags.  

Football World Cup

This week, we have joined the rest of the school in celebrating the FIFA World Cup 2022 and the children really enjoyed colouring in their favourite famous footballer players and designing their unique football shirts. 

Collage creations

This week we have been investigating types of materials and how we can use them in different ways. We used cutting and sticking skills to produce our very own collage. We discussed the appropriate colours and materials that could be used.   

Writing reports

This week in Rabbit class, we have been writing a report on the physical and human features in Watford. 

Local maps

In Geography, we have been looking at maps and our local area. We had a go at drawing our own maps along with a key.

Shadow Puppet Theatre

This week in Hedgehog we have continued to learn about light and dark. We made shadow puppet theatres using cardboard boxes and small world toys. We really enjoyed showing off our learning to our grown-ups at the class assembly on Friday!

Number line! 

Badger class have been learning about rounding numbers and rebalancing calculations this week.  We made a number line in the school hall and found numbers between every multiple of 10.

Happy Birthday!

This week we have been learning all about birthdays. We talked about when our birthday is and how we celebrate it.  We learnt how to make cupcakes. We added the ingredients to a bowl, mixed it and baked the cupcakes. We finally decorated them with buttercream and decorated sprinkles.