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Fractions in numbers & shapes

This week Badger class have been looking at fractions in numbers and shapes. We used a square piece of paper to find ways to fold them into halves, quarters and thirds. 

“How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers

This week Badgers have been looking at the story “How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers. We have been thinking about the different thoughts and feelings of the little boy in the story. We wrote down our ideas of how the boy was feeling, what he was thinking and what he would say at …

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This week Badger class have been investigating absorbency. We used pipettes to drop water onto different materials to see which material could absorb the most water and make a suitable sweatband.


Badger class have been investigating different fabrics and how stretchy they are this week. We carried out our tests on several different fabrics and measured how far they can stretch. Do you know fabric that can stretch? 


This week in Computing, Badgers looked at how to enter information onto a pictogram. We created our pictograms on the computer and then answered questions about them. 

London Skyline

This week in Art Badger class have been looking at creating silhouettes. We used watercolour as a medium to create a dramatic skyline and cut out shapes of the London landmarks to create our art pieces. Can you spot any famous London landmarks?  


This week in Badger class, we have been looking at verbs to describe how animals move. We will be writing our own poems about animals using our lovely ideas. 

Scientific questions

This week in Science Badgers have been looking at asking scientific questions and finding ways to investigate them. We have been looking at absorbency in action. Here you can see our amazement at closed petal paper flowers opening when they are put on water. 

Florence Nightingale

This week Badger class have been learning about Florence Nightingale. We learned about how she helped injured soldiers and what she did to improve hospitals.  We wrote a letter to Queen Victoria as Florence Nightingale, to request supplies for the hospitals – stating reasons why we needed them and why they were important.   

Santa & his lost elf and reindeer

This week, we had an exciting letter from Santa telling us he has lost an elf and reindeer when he was practising flying! He asked us for help, and we went on a hunt to look for items that might lead us to where the elf and reindeer might be hiding! We are now writing …

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