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World Book Week

This week was book week and we have been very busy. We looked at lots of poems from the book ‘Zim, Zam, Zoom!’ and we performed ‘Take a poem’ for the rest of the school.   We also designed a book area for our class, we have a lot of ideas!  

Staying Safe Day

On Friday 10th February it was staying safe day. We learnt about mental health and anti bullying. We talked about having an imaginary safe place, so if we are feeling angry or upset we can calm ourselves by thinking of our safe place.

Mono prints

In Badger class we have been learning about Mono prints in Art. We have been using oil pastels to experiment with line and colour. We used carbon copy paper to make our own mono prints.


This week in Badger class we have been writing poems about an animal we would like to bring to school. We wrote a class poem about bringing a monkey to school. We then wrote our own poems. 

Rhythm pattern

This week in computing we explored rhythm patterns and pulse. We created our own rhythm pattern using counters and our hands. We clapped and clicked our pattern. We then used Chrome Music lab to make our own rhythms. We enjoyed listening to the rhythms we created. 

How to be a play buddy

On Wednesday Badger Class worked with the Sports partnership and learnt how to be play buddies. We are looking forward to teaching and playing these games with the younger children.


Badger class created a tally chart of the minibeasts they found and then created a pictogram using the school laptops. We used co-operation crocodile learning behaviour skills to help us complete the pictograms in pairs.   

Descriptive writing! 

Badger class have been looking at using descriptive language and verbs to write a description based on the book Julian is a Mermaid.   

Continuous lines! 

Badger class have been learning about different drawing techniques this week. We created observational drawings by drawing continuous lines without lifting the pencil off the paper!  

Number line! 

Badger class have been learning about rounding numbers and rebalancing calculations this week.  We made a number line in the school hall and found numbers between every multiple of 10.