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Continuous lines! 

Badger class have been learning about different drawing techniques this week. We created observational drawings by drawing continuous lines without lifting the pencil off the paper!  

Number line! 

Badger class have been learning about rounding numbers and rebalancing calculations this week.  We made a number line in the school hall and found numbers between every multiple of 10.

Great Fire of London

We had a special visitor, Mrs Wellbake who lived in London in 1666 and she told us all about what happened. We learnt about how the houses were made of wood and were too close to each other which meant the fire spread easily. We learnt about how people escaped and how the fire changed …

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Writing recounts

This week Badger class have been looking at writing recounts. We talked about what we did over our holiday and drew a poster to show all the things we did. We will be creating a chronological map of the events and writing our recounts this week! 

Are older children taller? 

Children in Badger class have been investigating whether older children are taller. We measured our height and looked at our birthdays to investigate this question in our Science lesson.    Results were varied but we found that not all children who are older are necessarily taller!   

Mission to Mars!

Badger class have been thinking about what they would need if they were to spend a few days on Mars. We thought about what we need to survive and wrote about what we would take with us.   


Badger class have been learning about Pongal for Harvest. We decorated our own pots using tissue paper and following the design.   

Word mats

This week in English, Badger class learned to use conjunctions and check spellings using our word mats. We were using the co-operation crocodile learning behaviour to help each other write the words correctly.