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Cooking in the mud kitchen

The children have been cooking up various recipes in our mud kitchen this week, from chocolate cake to vegetable soup. They’ve enjoyed measuring, mixing, pouring and working together to make their tasty creations!

Cleaning bikes

The children love spending time outdoors when the sun comes out. This week they decided our nursery bikes need a good clean, so they filled up the sink with warm soapy water and used containers and large sponges to wash off all the mud and dirt.

Remembering Captain Sir Thomas Moore

We had a lovely end to the week today by walking a few laps of our school field to commemorate a year since Captain Sir Thomas Moore walked 100 laps of his garden to raise money for charity. We didn’t quite manage 100 laps, but we definitely tired ourselves out nonetheless!


We have started the term with our new ‘minibeasts’ topic, and the children have loved searching for bugs under bits of bark and wood in our outdoor bug hotel area. They have even brought a few creepy crawlies into the classroom to show their teachers and friends!


This week the children have been learning about birthdays as part of our ‘celebrations’ theme this term. We spoke about how special our own birthdays are, and we were very excited to organise a birthday party for our friend, Barney Bear. The children enjoyed making party decorations and hats, as well as baking tasty birthday …

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This week we’ve seen lots of co-operative play. The boys have enjoyed ‘painting’ our playhouse outdoors with water together, and many of the children have enjoyed exploring the doctors’ kits and making each other well again. We have also continued our autumn theme, and the children have been taking a closer look at various items …

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Such a busy week!

The children have been very busy in nursery this week, learning to share toys and play together. They enjoyed building a tower outdoors to see if they could make it taller than themselves – and their teachers! They have also been developing their fine motor skills each morning through our busy fingers activities, which include …

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