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Great Fire of London 

This week in history we’ve been learning to use sources to ask and answer questions about the past. We looked at a range of sources about the Great Fire of London, including paintings, newspaper articles, eyewitness accounts, maps and artefacts. We really enjoyed being historians!  


This week in PE we were practising linking rolls to a balance. We had to make sure we held the balance for 3 seconds and that we pointed our toes and fingers like champion gymnasts!   We’ve also been designing buses and can’t wait to start making them next week!  

Wheels and axles

In D&T this half term we’re learning all about wheels and axles. Eventually we’re going to make our own buses! First we have to explore how wheel and axles work and have a go at making them stronger. We also learnt about information technology in the real world and how it can help people. We …

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Harvest week tasting

This week was Harvest week and we were learning about bees and how important they are for helping our crops to grow. We then tasted some of the fruits and vegetables that grow from the crops that bees help to pollinate. We really enjoyed this activity!

Place value

We played a game called race to £1. We had to roll the dice, place the 1ps on our tens frame and then regroup ten 1ps for one 10p. It was really fun and great for practising place value!  

Wonderful weather

We are learning about Pakistan in Geography this term. This week we learned about what the weather is like in a town called Swabi and we compared it with Watford. We made our own weather symbols so that we could create a weather forecast!