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This week we have been learning to compare quantities of a variety of objects. We were then introduced to Numicon’s and learnt that each Numicon holds a value to 10. We could then mix the Numicon’s to make numbers bigger than 10! Later, we used the Numicon’s to compare which one was bigger and smaller!

Phonics Fun

This week in Mole class we have been recapping our phonics sounds over the last few weeks. We practiced writing and reading the sounds. We then used our phonics to make our own sentences.


This week in Mole class we have been engaging in afternoon Maths activities. We have been completing a range of counting, cutting and matching activities to practice our number fluency. 

Creating patterns

This week in Math we have been working on creating patterns using different objects. We made patterns using camels, cars, counters, Lego and even ourselves. We then painted our own patterns  which we later turned into caterpillars.

Collage creations

This week we have been investigating types of materials and how we can use them in different ways. We used cutting and sticking skills to produce our very own collage. We discussed the appropriate colours and materials that could be used.   

Firework fun!

This week in Mole class we have been discussing bonfire night and how fireworks are used to celebrate. We then used our painting skills to create our firework paintings. We had to ensure that our firework paintings were colourful and fun.   


This term in Mole class we have had a great focus on learning our sounds in phonics. In six weeks, we have managed to learn most of the sounds, read and write. During today’s phonics lesson, the children were discussing how amazed and proud they were of each other. Keep up the great work Mole …

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Tap a shape

The children have been working really hard over the last few weeks on developing their gross and fine motor skills. This week we had a go at ‘tap a shape’. Children used a pin and hammer to tap a shape into the board. This took a lot of resilience from the children. 

Moon Festival

This week in Mole class we have been comparing Harvest in the UK with China. We researched about the Chinese moon festival, made some mooncakes and some lanterns. We used our cutting skills to create our lanterns.   

Wow Wall!

In Mole class we have been learning about our distinctive features. We worked on what makes us unique, our similarities and differences. Using this information the children created self-portraits using a range of colouring pencils and paints.