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Night Monkey Day Monkey

In Maths we have been continuing to explore patterns and sequences by looking carefully at what we can see and marking predictions as to what will come next. We have read “Night Monkey Day Monkey” and learned about the differences between night and day. In Phonics we have continued to learn new sounds and these …

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Owl Babies

In maths we have been exploring patterns and sequences. We have used a range of ICT, to help us look closely at what we can see in order to decide what comes next. We have read “Owl Babies” and have learned that the author may use a speech bubble to show what a particular character …

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What a busy week!

In Maths we have been measuring, comparing and ordering. This has helped us to develop our knowledge and understanding of taller, shorter, heavier and lighter. We have learned about remembrance and why it is a special event. We have also learned about the story of Diwali and how it is celebrated.

A new half term!

This week in our maths learning, we have been measuring and comparing objects and placing them in order. We have continued to work on our letters and sounds and to use our skills in reading. In PE we have been moving in response to music.


This week we have been learning about our homes and the similarities and differences between them. In maths  we have developed our skills by carefully counting a variety of objects. In literacy we have been learning to write labels, captions and lists.

Families, books & PE

In our literacy learning we have made booklets about our families. We have talked about how they may be different but always special to us. In our reading we have been using our phonic skills and developing our knowledge and understanding of books.  In PE we have been learning to use a range of equipment …

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We’ve done loads!

In our phonics we have been learning new sounds and we have discovered that there are tricky words such as “to” and “the”which we cannot sound. We have read a new story called “The Stick Man” and we have used a story map to help us retell it. We have been developing our physical skills …

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So much learning!

Mole class have been developing our partner talking skills. We have been learning about the key features of books including author and illustrator to further our enjoyment of reading. In maths we have been developing our understanding of numbers by looking closely at patterns.

Lots to do!

In Mole class this week, we have been learning about our emotions and how our actions can affect others. We have been exploring a range of shapes by counting sides and corners. In our phonics we have explored the letter and sounds s, a, t, p, m, n & d and we are learning how …

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Welcome back!

We have started learning sounds this week, we have been listening really well when we are learning altogether on the carpet. We have been getting to know each other, and are beginning to make new friends. Outside the building blocks have been very popular!