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This week our theme has been ‘Pirates’. We have read ‘The Night Pirates’ and researched pirates to find out more about them. We have built our own pirate ship role play, including treasure, maps, a cannon and even a parrot for the captain. In maths we have been looking at patterns and sequences. The weather …

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Healthy Eating Week

This week has been ‘Healthy Eating Week’. We have learned about how bread changes when we turn it into toast. We then made our very own ‘Mole Vegetable Soup’ and tasted it! We have also explored smoothies, couscous and sandwich making. Finally, we enjoyed a relaxing yoga session. It’s certainly been a very busy but …

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This week we have continued our learning on numbers beyond 10 by thinking about one more and one less. We have looked closely at earthworms and thought about the best words to describe them, then we challenged ourselves to write our descriptions. We have also thought about Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and …

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Numbers beyond 10

During the week we have been learning about numbers beyond 10 in maths. We have continued our ‘minibeasts’ theme by looking closely at the life cycle of a butterfly. In our social and emotional learning, we have considered the nature of friendship and how we can solve disagreements.

More minibeasts

This week we have continued our theme of minibeasts. We have read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and thought about how the story is structured. This helped us to create a story map so that we can retell it in our own words. In maths we have extended our work on totalling by finding the missing …

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Story construction

This week we have read “Snail Trail” by Ruth Brown. We have considered the key features of how a story text is constructed and used to word first, next, then and finally to sequence the story. In PE we have developed our ball skills whilst in maths we have worked on finding the missing part …

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In Maths we have been continuing our work in totalling by using a range of mark making strategies. In English we have been learning how to ask questions and the use of internet search engine to find answers. We have been developing our creative skills by printing and drawing a range of minibeasts.

Outdoor play

We have read “The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle. We have though about how stories are structured and made a story map. We are learning how to make totals from smaller groups and we have been particularly excited about being able to use the large sandpit during outdoor play.


This week we have worked on the sounds “ai” “ee” “igh” and “oa” in our phonics. In Maths we have continued our learning on the ways in which a whole can be made of a number of smaller parts. In Literacy we have learned about the Easter story. We have taken full advantage of the …

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So much to do!

In maths we have been learning that a whole can be broken down into many parts. We have included digraphs in our writing this week and we have been enjoying our new garden centre role-play.