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Wriggly Nativity

Mole class have been busy working hard to practise our Wriggly Nativity and really enjoyed performing to an audience, even if we were a little nervous! Mrs Jones and Mrs Letchford are so proud of us, we hope you enjoyed the show!

Wake up, shake up!

We have had a fun week in Mole class. We have been busy practising for our nativity play and singing our songs. We have also been starting our day with some dancing to wake us up ready for our busy fingers and a day of learning!  

Working hard

This week have been learning about nocturnal animals. We have read a non-fiction book to learn all about them and we have been making our own books about them too.  In phonics we have been practising our sounds and learning some new ones too. We have been using the whiteboards to practise.   

One kind word

This week we have taken part in odd sock day. We talked about how everyone is different and the kind words we could say to each other.  We have also been learning about light and dark and we have been making dens!  

Learning outside

This week we have been learning about Diwali, we have read different stories about the festival and we also took our learning outside.    We also took part in Remembrance Day and talked about why it was a special day.   

People who help us

This week in school we have been looking at people who help us. We had a dentist come in to visit us and she taught us which foods are good for our teeth. We looked at pictures of teeth and we even got to do a science experiment – looking at 1 tooth in water …

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Busy fingers!

We have had a lovely week in school. We have been learning about people who help us in school and the jobs that they do. We have also been working hard on our fine motor control in our busy fingers sessions.  

Harvest Week

This week is harvest week and we have been looking at the book ‘Bee and me’. We have learnt a lot about Bees and have looked at honeycomb. We have had lots of fun looking doing lots of different activities.   

Another busy week!

We have had a lovely week in Mole class. We have worked hard practising our phonics and have been learning about our families. In gymnastics we were learning to balance and travel in different ways.  

Settling in

We are settling in to Mole class and having lots of fun. We have been working hard and making new friends.