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Author visit

This week an author came to our class and read us a story from one of her books. We then drew our own flowers with extraordinary features. We had flowers with human faces, flowers that bear interesting things such as sweets, toys and other things. We also had a  flower that could turn into a …

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Four Seasons

In maths this week, we learnt about the four seasons. We learnt which months are in each season, then we had a go at drawing pictures to match each season.

Ten frames

In maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers. We built numbers 1 to 10 on our ten frames. We learnt that, if the amount is even, then the top of the frame is flat but if the amount is odd, the frame will have a counter sticking out at the top.

Library Visit

This week in Rabbits, we had a very exciting trip to the local library! We got to choose some of our favourite books to read and designed a book cover. 


This week in science we identified and labelled parts of the body. We also learnt the 5 senses and discussed what each one does.      

Using tens frames

This week in maths we have been learning how to regroup using a place value chart. The children thought of a number between 11 and 19 and made it using ones on the tens frame. They then regrouped the ones for a ten using language such as in 15 there is 1 ten and 5 …

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This week in RE, we made Christingles. We learnt what they are used for and what each part represents. 

Pan balances

This week in Rabbit class, we have been learning about making equal values using symbols to record. We used pan balances to make the same value each side and learnt the word ‘balance’. e.g Jawaria and Raaed were making 10. One side they had 5 + 5 and the other side they had 7 + …

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Writing reports

This week in Rabbit class, we have been writing a report on the physical and human features in Watford. 

Piet Mondrian Composition

In computing this week, we used the laptops to create a digital painting. We looked at Piet Mondrian Composition. We used different tools on the paint app such as how to draw a straight line, fill and undo.