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Play Rehearsal 

This week we started to practice our song and lines for the Christmas play. We also started to make glittery stars for our headbands. In computing we had a sorting task on Seesaw for human and physical features.

Stay Active 

This week we were very lucky to have someone come in and give us the chance to work on our agility skills. We jumped on spots, some ladder runs and balancing around cones!  In phonics we played ‘Splat the alien’. We listened to a word that our teacher called out and we took it in …

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Phonics Hunting

In English we have been looking at using ‘and’ to join two sentences together to make one longer sentence! In phonics some of us were being digraph detectives & some of us were trying to find those tricky words in our favourite story books.

A Busy Week!

On Wednesday we thought about Remembrance Day and showed our thanks by using water colours and pens to create poppies. We then displayed our work outside for people to see. On Friday we raised money for Children in Need by having a day of lots of physical activities. We played hockey, games, speed stacks and …

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New Half Term

In phonics we learnt about split digraphs. We used our friends to help show us that they don’t sit next to each other but still make one sound. In Geography we explored our school features and then used an aeriel view map to find them. We really enjoyed finding our favourite places on Google Earth.

A busy (but fun!) first half term in Year 1

In Art we have finished our drawing focus by adding lines and dots to create texture. In English we took the role of Sentence Doctors to fix some poorly sentences! There were repeated words, missing finger space and missing full stops! Luckily, we used what we have learned to sort them out.  

Sandwich Making

In maths, we have been using cuisinaire rods this week to help us find equivalents. We have been following a new recipe book called ‘Gruffalo’s Crumble’ in English. We decided to make fox’s sandwiches. There were some instructions to follow and a picture to help. We were very proud of what we made!


In English we built secret towers and had to use our words to tell our partner how to make it. We then took away the shield to see if they matched!  Ted had a problem and asked Squirrel Class to help him. He wanted to make an umbrella to keep himself dry from the rain …

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From farm to fork!

This week is harvest week and we have been looking at where some of our food comes from. We found out that carrots are root vegetables and grow underground. We also found out that porridge is made from oats. In English we have started to write our own version of Stanley’s stick. Take a look …

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Busy week!

In PE we have been taking inspiration from conquers to make spikey shapes with different parts of our bodies. In phonics we played Picture This! We read a word from a box in our heads and drew a picture on our whiteboards to match.