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How to stay safe

In Jigsaw (PSHE) we have been learning about how to keep ourselves fit, healthy and safe. This week we looked at some possible dangers in our homes and designed a poster about how to stay safe at home.


Our new unit of Art is looking at artists inspired by flora and fauna (plants and animals or insects). We explored different pieces of Art and choose some parts that we liked. We copied our favourite parts into our sketch books. We loved the dragon fly!


This week in Maths, we have been looking at length and mass. We used keys words such as longer, shorter, heavier and lighter to help us describe and compare. We had a go at weighing objects in our hands and putting them in order from lightest to heaviest.


In Science, we have been learning about our bodies. We looked at the different eye colours we have in our class and made a pictogram. We found that most children have brown eyes.

Writing our own poems

In English, we have been looking at poetry. We wrote our own poems about Squirrels and performed them to each other using actions.

Moving pictures

In our D&T learning we are looking at moving pictures. We practiced our cutting skills and then had a go at making a horizontal moving picture.

Art & computing

In Computing we have been using the paint apps to create our own versions of famous artwork. Here we are re-creating Wassily Kandinsky’s Art.

Local maps

In Geography, we have been looking at maps and our local area. We had a go at drawing our own maps along with a key.

Gruffalo Crumble & Other Recipes

This week we have been reading Gruffalo Crumble and Other Recipes. We had a go at writing a disgusting recipe. We went outside to collect our ingredients. We used sticks, mud and stones!

Farmer Duck

We have been reading the story Farmer Duck. We made story maps of the story and then wrote the story ourselves!