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Nursery – Ducklings

  • Jaspers Beanstalk

    We read the story of Jasper’s beanstalk; where he plants a broad bean, and it doesn’t grow. We planted our own beans and learnt that they need warmth, water and soil to grow. The roots have started poking through which is a good sign. We played in the soil with the tractors. We also learnt about brushing our teeth as part of our healthy me topic.
  • Mr Wolf’s Pancake Day!

    We read the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes in preparation for pancake day.
    The children helped with mixing the batter for the pancakes. Once the pancakes were cooked, the children tasted the pancakes with a choice of different toppings. We ended pancake day with pancake flipping competition.
  • The Little Red Hen

    We have been exploring the story The Little Red Hen. In the story the hen makes bread and we have been making bread too.

    Once baked the children spread butter on the bread and tasted it. We also tried different types of bread as well as mixing flour and water to create a dough. It got very messy!

  • Trip Trap, Trip Trap over the bridge

    We have been reading the traditional tale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We explored different versions of the story. Built our own bridges using blocks, bricks and playdough. Painted and drew trolls. We also have continued to develop our joining skills using glue.
  • Grandma what big eyes you have!

    We have been learning about the traditional tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We have been looking at the different versions of the story. We have been role playing the story with masks and puppets. Making grandma food with playdoh and practicing our cutting and sticking skills.

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    We have been learning about Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the rabbit.We made and decorated lanterns. We dressed up in traditional clothes and used chopsticks whilst exploring rice.

  • Who has been eating my porridge?

    We have been learning about the traditional tale ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’
    We retold the story, made porridge that was just right and tasted it. We also explored the porridge oats filling up bowls and exploring the texture of the oats.
  • Christmas has come to Nursery!

    We have been busy, busy, busy in Nursery. Decorating stars for our nativity play. Decorating our Christmas tree with tinsel and baubles. Exploring the glitter (flour) snow with paint brushes and mark making. As well as practising our songs for the Nativity.
  • It’s coming home!

    Last week we were learning all about the World Cup 2022 that is taking part in Qatar.
    We learnt about the rules of football, played penalty shoot out in the garden and painted England flags.
  • Happy Birthday!

    This week we have been learning all about birthdays. We talked about when our birthday is and how we celebrate it. 
    We learnt how to make cupcakes. We added the ingredients to a bowl, mixed it and baked the cupcakes. We finally decorated them with buttercream and decorated sprinkles.