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Reception – Hedgehog

Welcome to Reception, where we have two classes of 30 children.

The unit is split into different areas to allow the children to participate in a wide range of activities across the seven areas of learning.

The children have opportunities to learn both in the classroom and outside in our well equipped Foundation Stage garden.

  • In Numeracy we cover counting and comparing numbers, learning names and properties of 2d and 3d shapes, money, position and direction, days of the week, weight and capacity.
  • We follow the letters and sounds approach for phonics and use Oxford Reading Tree Scheme for Reading.
  • Music – We sing Nursery Rhymes and investigate rhythmic patterns and moving to a steady beat.
  • Art – Our art work will involve activities which encourage the children to explore texture and pattern.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like more information about the curriculum.

  • Busy, busy, busy!

    This week in Literacy and Science we discussed the growing process and set up an investigation to see what would happen if our cress seeds did not have the ideal conditions to grow. In shared writing, we wrote step by step instructions for growing our seeds and for our independent writing we used our phonics knowledge to write a list.

    In Maths we explored using the part, part, whole model with practical resources. We focused on using the language e.g. ‘2 is a part, 3 is a part so 5 is the whole’. This helps children to develop their understanding of number and to explain their reasoning.

  • It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

    This week our focus book was ‘Dear Santa’ by Rod Campbell. We used our phonics to write Santa wish lists.  We have been following step by step visuals to draw our Christmas themed pictures.  We have also started to learn our song for the Christmas production. 

  • Night Monkey Day Monkey

    This week our focus book has been ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been learning different facts about nocturnal animals and have been exploring the features of story books (fiction) and information books (non-fiction).  We have also been following step by step drawing guides to draw and paint animals.

  • Patterns, patterns everywhere!

    This week we have been learning about repeated patterns. We have been making all sorts of patterns using bricks, pegs, natural resources, large chalk and even children! 

  • Celebrations!

    This week we have been learning about Diwali. We shared the story of Rama and Sita, drawn storymaps, created our own Rangoli patterns and Diva lights. On Remembrance Day we also used our printing skills to create Poppy themed pictures. Today we had a sports themed day for Children In Need.

  • Whoosh, Pop, Bang, Fizz

    This week in Reception we have enjoyed making firework pictures using different media and tools.  We have been using our phonics knowledge to write firework sounds.  We have also been learning to compare the height and length of objects using different words e.g. tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest, narrower, wider.   


  • Home Sweet Home

    This week we have been learning about different types of homes.  We read and discussed the book ‘This is Our House’.  We drew pictures of homes and made paper bag houses.  We also used our phonics knowledge to add labels to our work.

  • Maths Learning through Play

    We have been consolidating our subitising skills by playing lots of fun games.  Perhaps you would like to try some at home.  Here are some suggestions. Enjoy!

    Make a domino snake or a domino square


    How quickly can you show that all the dice have the same amount?  Keep rolling the dice until you do!


  • Stickman

    I’m not a stick, I’m a ……………………

    We have really enjoyed our focus book this week “Stickman”. We sequenced the pictures from the story, drew and labelled characters and used natural materials to create our own version of “Stickman”.

    As an extra home challenge this week, see if you can think of your own imaginative ideas and turn your stick into different objects e.g. a fishing rod.

  • Phonemes

    Another week goes by!  This week we have focused on:

    • Subitising in Maths. Subitising is the ability to recognise small numbers without counting them e.g. on a dice, playing cards, dominoes.  We will be moving on to use Numicon next week.  To further support your child’s learning, we recommend the website: Subitising
    • Learning the phonemes: g, o, c, k. Listening hard for the sounds in words and blending and segmenting to read a word. The sounds taught so far are:

    • In Literacy we have been working on using our phonic knowledge to write labels for different parts of the body e.g. l/i/p, n/e/ck, l/e/g
    • In gymnastics, the children have been working on their balancing skills. Please note in Hedgehog Class children we will now have gymnastics on a Monday afternoon and PE on a Friday morning.

    Alongside their everyday belongings, here is a weekly summary:






    PE kit: Gymnastics

    Maroon Book Bag


    Maroon Book Bag

    Blue Library Bag

    Maroon Book Bag

    Maroon Book Bag

    Maroon Book Bag

    PE kit

    Reading books changed