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Reception – Hedgehog

Welcome to Reception, where we have two classes of 30 children.

The unit is split into different areas to allow the children to participate in a wide range of activities across the seven areas of learning.

The children have opportunities to learn both in the classroom and outside in our well equipped Foundation Stage garden.

  • In Numeracy we cover counting and comparing numbers, learning names and properties of 2d and 3d shapes, money, position and direction, days of the week, weight and capacity.
  • We follow the Twinkl validated SSP for phonics.
  • Music – We sing Nursery Rhymes and investigate rhythmic patterns and moving to a steady beat.
  • Art – Our art work will involve activities which encourage the children to explore texture and pattern.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like more information about the curriculum.

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    This week our focus book has been ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’  We made a story map in class to help us retell the story and we also had a go at drawing our own. 

  • Minibeast hunt

    This week we have been writing clues for a minibeast hunt.

  • All Creatures Great and Small

    This week we have started our new topic, ‘All Creatures Great and Small.’ We have been carrying out observational drawings, searching for minibeasts in the outdoor classroom and writing labels.

  • Spring sunshine

    We have been enjoying the lovely Spring sunshine this week and made the most of the outdoor classroom.

  • Spring walk

    Last week we enjoyed our local walk, looking for the signs of Spring.  This inspired us to create some Spring themed pictures.

  • Pancakes & World Book Day

    We enjoyed making and eating pancakes this week on Shrove Tuesday and on Thursday we celebrated World Book Day.  Everyone looked great in their costumes and engaged well with all the planned activities. 

  • “The Runaway Pancake”

    In Maths we have been exploring using the number line to count both forwards and backwards.  We have been discussing the meaning of zero and using objects to represent a number.

    In Literacy we shared the book ‘The Runaway Pancake’ and then innovated the story by choosing a new title such as ‘The Runaway Biscuit.’

  • The Great Race – The Story of the Chinese Zodiac

    This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We shared the story of “The Great Race” and used a variety of techniques.


  • Maths with Beebots

    This week in Maths we have been learning to use positional language such as: forwards, backwards, above, below, between, besides, turn. We explored using the Beebots which helped us to embed some of this learning.

  • So creative!

    The children continue to enjoy accessing the ‘Creative Area’ where the resources are available at all times. They plan and carry out their own ideas as you can see from the pictures below.

    This week we have also enjoyed making our own castle shaped books: