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Year 1 – Rabbit

Welcome to Year 1, this year finds us starting the National Curriculum.

Suddenly we are very busy with Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, D&T, Music, RE and PE.

We follow the letters and sounds approach for phonics and use Oxford Reading Tree Scheme for Reading.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like more information about the curriculum.

  • Telling the time

    This week we have been working really hard in the hot weather! In English we have been using adjectives to write a description of Little Red Riding Hood. In maths we have been practising telling the time, we have really enjoyed using the clocks to find different times, and in computing we have been using a programme called Scratch Jr to programme a character.

  • Future scientists!

    We have had a lovely first week back and enjoyed the sunny weather. In science we have been learning about different scientists and inventors. We learnt about who invented Lego and looked at the properties of its materials.

    In English we have been looking at traditional tales and enjoyed acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Healthy eating week

    We have had such a fun week doing lots of different activities. We have learnt about the different food groups and how to keep ourselves healthy. We really enjoyed making fruit kebabs, couscous and soda bread and enjoyed our yoga session.

  • Busy Bee-bots

    This week in computing we have been learning about algorithms. We programmed each other by giving each other a set of instructions to follow in the classroom. Then we programmed the bee-bots to travel around the classroom and even look for treasure!

  • Being creative

    This week in art we have been looking at the colour wheel and learning about complementary colours. We used different objects to make marks with our favourite complementary colours.

    We also had a visitor teach our PE lesson. We worked really hard to improve our balance, co-ordination and agility. It was lots of fun!

  • Being active

    This week in Rabbit class we have been working on our balance and our co-ordination in our gymnastics lesson.

    We have also been working hard on our writing in English. We have written a recount based on the story, ‘Where’s my Teddy?’ We have been learning to edit our work and check for capital letters and full stops, and to check we have used our phonics to help us with our spellings.

  • Measuring!

    We’ve had another busy week in Rabbit class. In maths, we have been looking at different measures. We have been using rulers and weighing scales to help us.

    In English we have continued with our story, ‘Where’s my teddy?’ and we have acted out the story with our puppets.

  • Wild Flowers

    This week in science we have been continuing with our topic on plants. We learnt about different wild flowers and went on a hunt around the school to see how many we could find. 

    We have also been learning about coins in maths. We have enjoyed identifying the different coins and using them to make different amounts of money.

  • First week back

    We’ve had a super first week back and have been very busy. We are looking at plants in science and this week we have planted our own beans. We’ve made sure they are being watered and have some sunlight to help them grow.

    We have also been looking at some special books in RE. We have looked at the Bible, the Qur’an and the Torah and we shared why these books are special to some of us.

  • A busy week!

    We have had a lovely week and worked very hard. In maths we have been looking at part whole models and finding which is the whole, which is the part and which part is missing. We have been writing number sentences using our part whole model.
    We have enjoyed reading Farmer Duck in English and had fun sharing books together and practising our reading.