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Year 1 – Squirrel

  • Local maps

    In Geography, we have been looking at maps and our local area. We had a go at drawing our own maps along with a key.

  • Gruffalo Crumble & Other Recipes

    This week we have been reading Gruffalo Crumble and Other Recipes. We had a go at writing a disgusting recipe. We went outside to collect our ingredients. We used sticks, mud and stones!

  • Farmer Duck

    We have been reading the story Farmer Duck. We made story maps of the story and then wrote the story ourselves!

  • Harvest Week in the USA

    This week, we have been learning about how Harvest is celebrated in the USA. We used Harvest fruit and vegetables to print a picture.

  • Looking for objects

    In Science we have been learning about everyday materials. We went on a hunt around the classroom to find objects made from wood, plastic, metal and paper. We spoke about natural and man-made materials and discovered we have more man-made objects than natural in our classroom!