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Year 1 – Squirrel

Welcome to Year 1, this year finds us starting the National Curriculum.

Suddenly we are very busy with Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, D&T, Music, RE and PE.

We follow the letters and sounds approach for phonics and use Oxford Reading Tree Scheme for Reading.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like more information about the curriculum.

  • Exploring!

    This week in Art we were exploring how we can make different marks with paint. We use corks, lego, matchsticks, straws and even toothbrushes! 

    In Science we went on a wild flower hunt around school. We found dandelions, dog rose, ivy, nettles (ouch!) and daisies! 

  • Beans, beans, beans

    This week we checked up on our beans that we planted last week. Some of them have sprouted! We put them outside so they can get fresh air, sunlight and water. It has been sunny this week so we have had to water them ourselves. 

    In Jigsaw we have been learning about how to be a good friend. We all talked about things that we do that make us a good friend such as using please and thankyou and looking after people if they are sad. 

  • Measuring

    This week in maths we have been working hard to find the difference between two groups.

    In Science we have been growing our own bean plants! We are going to be measuring them each week to see how tall they grow.

  • Time flies when you’re having fun!

    In History we have been learning about the history of flight! We watched a video of the early attempts of flying (we found some of them very funny) and we noticed that the inventors persevered and were very resilient. We made our own pop-up dolls of the Wright brothers and some other characters and role played the day that the first plane flew.

    In English we have been reading Farmer Duck. We pretended to be the Farmer and wrote some bossy instructions for the Duck to follow.

  • Play Rehearsal 

    This week we started to practice our song and lines for the Christmas play. We also started to make glittery stars for our headbands. In computing we had a sorting task on Seesaw for human and physical features.
  • Stay Active 

    This week we were very lucky to have someone come in and give us the chance to work on our agility skills. We jumped on spots, some ladder runs and balancing around cones! 
    In phonics we played ‘Splat the alien’. We listened to a word that our teacher called out and we took it in turns to splat the written word with a fly swatter!
  • Phonics Hunting

    In English we have been looking at using ‘and’ to join two sentences together to make one longer sentence! In phonics some of us were being digraph detectives & some of us were trying to find those tricky words in our favourite story books.
  • A Busy Week!

    On Wednesday we thought about Remembrance Day and showed our thanks by using water colours and pens to create poppies. We then displayed our work outside for people to see.
    On Friday we raised money for Children in Need by having a day of lots of physical activities. We played hockey, games, speed stacks and created an obstacle course.
  • New Half Term

    In phonics we learnt about split digraphs. We used our friends to help show us that they don’t sit next to each other but still make one sound. In Geography we explored our school features and then used an aeriel view map to find them. We really enjoyed finding our favourite places on Google Earth.

  • A busy (but fun!) first half term in Year 1

    In Art we have finished our drawing focus by adding lines and dots to create texture.
    In English we took the role of Sentence Doctors to fix some poorly sentences! There were repeated words, missing finger space and missing full stops! Luckily, we used what we have learned to sort them out.