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Year 2 – Badger

Welcome to Year 2. The children are in their final year of the Infants School and will be working with more independence as they continue to progress academically.

We follow the letters and sounds approach for phonics and use Oxford Reading Tree Scheme for Reading.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like more information about the curriculum.

  • It’s official: Badgers are brilliant writers!

    This week we have been learning about the story of Rapunzel, taking care to deepen our knowledge of grammar whilst learning important storytelling techniques.  On one day, we were creating some multisensory recounts and, the day after, we were focusing on a character’s speech. 

                                                        —F. Scott Fitzgerald. “Writing is its own reward.”

  • We are writers!

    The long-awaited Badger Class Tiger stories have been published. 
    *Spoiler alert*  these tigers are very friendly; they are nothing like the tigers you have read about before.

    We have also enjoyed exploring shadows in our Dance session.

  • Friendship Tree!

    This week in Badger Class, we have been thinking about bullying. We all agreed that it was a terrible word and that people bullied those who were different from them. We talked about how a bullied person might feel. The children all agreed to stand up to bullying by being kind and making sure that nobody felt left out: We made a friendship tree.  In History, we imagined how it might have felt like to have lived during ‘The Great Fire of London’. We wrote diary entries from the point of view of a child.

  • London’s burning…fetch the engines!

    What a week we have had in Badger Class! After looking at the picture of a piece of charred wood from 1666, we wrote down questions we wanted to find answers to. The children recreated the burning houses and talked about how our houses these days are built in such a way as to prevent a rapid spread of fire. In English we published our tiger stories. We learnt some more mental maths strategies and had a fun ‘Stay Active’ session in the hall.

  • Think 10!

    This week, the very brilliant Badger class have been learning new strategies to improve their mental Maths skills. The children practised adding by first ‘making 10’ (using their understanding of number bonds to 10) and then adding on the remaining number. We have been writing our own stories in English, exploring microhabitats in science and printing in Art. 

  • We are Artists!

    We have been exploring the Arts this week. We learnt about William Morris’s art and had a go at printing, using vegetables (can you guess which vegetables?). We also printed with carbon paper. 
    We really enjoyed writing and performing our class poem based on Henri Rousseau’s painting, ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm/Surprised’. 
  • It’s all about balance

    A well-balanced diet combined with exercising helps to keep the body healthy; in science we explored the benefits of exercising and eating a balanced diet. In English and maths, we learnt about types of sentences and ordering values, respectively.

  • Wheels, Axles and Place Value!

    We have learnt that the wheel and axle is a simple machine that helps make work easier; our scooters, bikes, cars and wheelbarrows have wheels and axles. As is the case in a design and technology lesson, we made a start on designing our axle type. In maths, we have been learning about the place value of the digits in a number. We are learning new things everyday!

  • Enjoying the sun

    After a fun but busy week practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, as well as reading and exploring the themes in our book, ‘Frog and the Stranger’, we spent time on the field.

    Here we are developing our hand-eye coordination and wrist strength and getting lots of fresh air in the process, in our Game On session. 

  • Welcome back!

    Seamlessly and with bucket loads of confidence and energy, Badger Class have made a great start to Year 2. We have been exploring numbers, physical and human features (in Watford), talking and writing about what happiness means to us…and it has only been a week!