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Year 2 – Fox

  • Photo fun

    We are learning how to use digital devices to take photos. We explored how to take a good photo and whether certain subjects look better in landscape or portrait.
  • Staying Safe Day

    This Friday was staying safe day. We learned about our mental health and how we can protect it. We designed our own safe spaces and thought about what we would include in them.
  • Printing

    This week we explored a printing technique called mono-print. We used pastels and carbon paper combined with drawing to create prints of shells.
  • Dreams and goals 

    This week we’ve been learning about dreams and goals in jigsaw. We have been thinking about the steps we’d need to take to achieve our goals.

  • Pictograms

    The children have been learning to collect and present data using computers. We are using software called J2E to create pictograms. We really enjoyed it!
  • The Great Fire of London 

    This week we were lucky enough to have a special visitor! She said she was alive in 1666 during the time of the fire. She told us all about what it was like and what happened. We had so much fun!
  • Autumn poems

    We have been writing our own autumn poems this week! We learned about adjectives that could describe some autumnal objects and practiced using commas in a list.
  • Poetry

    This week in English we are looking at poetry. We read a few and talked about parts we liked and gave our preferences. Then we had a go at performing a poem called ‘At the zoo’ by William Makepeace Thackeray.
  • Harvest week in India

    This week we were learning about how harvest is celebrated around the world. We focused on India and looked at a festival called Pongal. During this celebration, people decorate their houses with Kolam patterns. We made our own Kolam patterns using a printing technique.

  • Baby animals

    This week we have been learning about baby animals and what they can and can’t do yet. We watched a video about a baby animal called Safina. We thought about the skills she was learning to do such as walking, standing up and using her trunk to protect herself.