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Year 2 – Fox

Welcome to Year 2. The children are in their final year of the Infants School and will be working with more independence as they continue to progress academically.

We follow the letters and sounds approach for phonics and use Oxford Reading Tree Scheme for Reading.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like more information about the curriculum.

  • Red Nose Day

    We had lots of fun on Red Nose Day and enjoyed wearing our red clothes to raise money for charity!
  • Historians

    This week we have been learning about the Great Fire of London and how we know about the events. We looked at a range sources such as parts of a diary, paintings and maps. We thought about which sources told us about what happened. 
  • Minibeast hunt

    We went on a minibeast hunt this week! We looked for micro habitats (under stones, in bushes, amongst leaves etc.) and made a survey of the minibeats we saw there. Then we put this information into a pictogram!
  • William Morris

    We looked at the artist William Morris and thought about how he created his prints. We learned that he made printing tiles that he could use again and again. We made our own with cardboard and string and made some repeating patterns. 
  • Children in Need Day

    This week was children in need week. We practised speed stacking and we had so much fun! We watched video so to help us practise and we managed to improve out technique. 

  • Vegetable printing

    We are learning about printing this half term. We explored the different prints we could make with a range of vegetables and everyday objects. We practised rubbing, rolling and stamping!

  • The wheels on the bus

    This week we’ve been very busy painting, decorating and assembling our buses. We had to measure and cut our axles before placing them inside our axle holders and attaching this to the bus. Then we had to fix our wheels on. We are very proud of them, as you can tell!
    What a busy half term it has been! Thank you for all of your support and I hope you have a restful half term.
  • Mirror fun in PE

    In PE this week we practised being each others’ mirrors. We watched carefully so that we could copy our partner’s movements.
    We’ve been doing lots of work on different sentence types in English again, using the book Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend (which the children love!) and in maths we’ve been ordering and comparing 2-digit numbers. 
  • D&T Fun

    We are learning about wheels and axles this week. The children looked at some toys and studied the parts that move. They thought about how many wheels the vehicle had, how the wheels were attached to the car and how the wheels moved. They then had a go at drawing the vehicle and labelling the parts.

    We’ve been doing lots of work about 2-digit numbers in maths and in English we have been exploring statements and questions.

  • Harvest Time

    We have been learning about where our food comes from in the UK and then designing our own Harvest meals.