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Year 2 – Fox

Welcome to Year 2. The children are in their final year of the Infants School and will be working with more independence as they continue to progress academically.

We follow the letters and sounds approach for phonics and use Oxford Reading Tree Scheme for Reading.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like more information about the curriculum.

  • Barbican Centre in London visit

    Year 2 enjoyed a trip to the Barbican Centre in London to listen to an orchestra and learn all about it. 

  • Amazing algorithms

    We have been using beebots to create and test algorithms! We’ve learned that an algorithm is a sequence of instructions. We programmed our beebots to follow a set of instructions and tried to get it to a particular spot on our map. Then we tested it to see if we were right!

  • Perfect pizzas!

    We have been learning about food hygiene and balanced diets in D&T. We designed our own pizzas and this week we actually made them! We practised our chopping, grating and slicing skills.
  • Magic multiplication

    We have started learning about multiplication in maths this week. We have been focusing on making equal groups, counting in multiples and linking repeated addition (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 16) to multiplication (8 x 2 = 16). Using cubes makes this really visual!
  • World Book Day

    The children had so much fun dressing up as words. It was lovely to see their imaginative costumes!

  • Sorting

    We have been sorting materials according to their properties in Science this week. We’ve also been learning about the United Kingdom in Geography and the countries and capital cities. We then looked at a much smaller city called St Davids and compared it.

  • Super sculptures

    We will be learning about sculptures and 3D art this half term. We looked at the artist Barbara Hepworth and made our own mini sculptures! We really enjoyed using clay. 

  • Santa’s workshop

    This week we’ve been learning about collecting and presenting data. We looked at a pictogram showing the number of presents given by each elf in Santa’s workshop. We had to read and answer questions about it.

  • Story maps

    This week we’ve been using the story Augustus and his smile to make our own story maps. 
  • Great Fire of London 

    This week in history we’ve been learning to use sources to ask and answer questions about the past. We looked at a range of sources about the Great Fire of London, including paintings, newspaper articles, eyewitness accounts, maps and artefacts. We really enjoyed being historians!