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Governors’ Overview

Welcome to our governors’ page. As governors we are committed to taking the school forward to ensure that all the children at Parkgate Infants and Nursery receive an excellent education. The governing body work with Mr Pritchard and his staff to ensure that it makes the right decisions for the school and the children. The governing body is …

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The Governors’ Role

The governing body has overall responsibility for the school and ensures that it provides a high quality education for all its children by working with the Head teacher and the rest of the staff to raise standards. The governors’ role is broken down under the following three headings: Strategic Direction Long term plans and direction of …

Who’s Who

Name Category Term Philip Reilly Co-opted 01/09/2019 – 31/08/2023 Suzannah Colston Co-opted 14/11/16 – 18/11/19 Paul Burke Co-opted 2/10/15 – 30/01/2019 Elizabeth Dyson (Chair) Co-opted 20/6/18 – 19/06/22 Jenny Pattinson (Vice Chair) Co-opted 28/01/2019 – 27/01/2023 Carolyn Knott Parent 1/10/17 – 30/09/21 Genta Hajri Parent 1/10/17 – 30/09/21 Gwyn Pritchard Headteacher N/A Robert Shelton Community …