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Home Learning

Home Learning does not end with activities given at school, there are a variety of other activities you can do at home which could include:

  • Visiting the local library
  • Singing number and action rhymes.
  • Shopping and learning to use money.
  • Measuring activities including cooking.
  • Playing traditional board games.
  • Family visits to a place of interest.
  • Researching and finding out about topics at school. This helps the children practise the skills they learn at school and make links between what happens at school and the rest of their lives. This encourages them to become independent learners.

At Parkgate Infants and Nursery School we value the part that parents play in their children’s learning. Home Learning involves all year groups although it looks different according to age. From Reception to Year 2 we hope that all family members will be supportive of their child’s learning.

Family Learning Sheet

To support parents with family learning each half term children will bring home a family learning sheet which includes six activities that children must complete throughout that half term. Children are asked to choose a family learning activity each week, however, you can choose which one you do and what order you do them in. If you need an additional explanation about an activity please come and talk to us.

Family learning activities should be recorded in your child’s home learning book. This needs to be in school on Wednesday and home learning books will be sent home with your child on Friday.

Teachers will sign the Family Learning Sheet each week to show that they have seen the homework so therefore Family Learning Sheets should be kept in home learning books.

For when you have a busy weekend we have also included a family week activity that you can do. This does not need to be recorded.

On the Family Learning Sheet each activity has an additional challenge. If you feel that the activity should be more difficult for your child then we would recommend that you try and do the challenge. These tasks should last about 30 minutes.

Home learning also encompasses a wide range of other activities and at Parkgate Infants and Nursery School it also includes the following:

  • Reading with an adult (10 minutes each evening)
  • Learning to read high frequency/tricky words. When children can confidently read high frequency words they can move on to spelling these words. In Year 2 some children will have spelling tests on these words at intervals throughout the year.


The Role of Parents

It is very important that parents display a positive and encouraging attitude to home learning and value its importance. It is very important to allocate time and if required quiet space to support your child’s home learning.

Half Term Holidays

Each half term a family activity will be given for families to participate in during the holidays.

Special Needs

Our home learning expectations apply equally to children with recognised educational needs however, we would ask parents to make reasonable adjustment to activities to support and include them. Please speak to Mrs McCarthy our school SENCO if you need support with this.