Another week goes by!  This week we have focused on:

  • Subitising in Maths. Subitising is the ability to recognise small numbers without counting them e.g. on a dice, playing cards, dominoes.  We will be moving on to use Numicon next week.  To further support your child’s learning, we recommend the website: Subitising
  • Learning the phonemes: g, o, c, k. Listening hard for the sounds in words and blending and segmenting to read a word. The sounds taught so far are:

  • In Literacy we have been working on using our phonic knowledge to write labels for different parts of the body e.g. l/i/p, n/e/ck, l/e/g
  • In gymnastics, the children have been working on their balancing skills. Please note in Hedgehog Class children we will now have gymnastics on a Monday afternoon and PE on a Friday morning.

Alongside their everyday belongings, here is a weekly summary:






PE kit: Gymnastics

Maroon Book Bag


Maroon Book Bag

Blue Library Bag

Maroon Book Bag

Maroon Book Bag

Maroon Book Bag

PE kit

Reading books changed