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Free School meals are available to all children. There is a choice of meat or non-meat hot meal, meat or non-meat school packed lunch or alternatively children are able to bring in their own packed lunch from home. If a packed lunch is brought into school- a chocolate biscuit is allowed but no sweets please. We only change lunch options on a Monday and the school office must be informed of changes by 3.15pm the previous Wednesday. We cannot provide meals choices on a daily basis. Water is provided so please do not send in flasks, cans or cartons of drink. Pupils with a medically diagnosed dietary need should inform the school in advance (Allergen information is available on request). During the dinner period Midday Assistants supervise the children.


Milk is available for children to drink mid-morning and must be paid for termly in advance. Water is provided for those children who do not drink milk. Children will be given a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat at playtime as part of the government healthy eating scheme


All children are encouraged to drink water during the day. This hydrates the brain and helps them to concentrate. Water bottles must be purchased from the office and should be in the child’s team colours. These must only be filled with water and taken home daily to be cleaned. There are also water fountains in the school.